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God Bless Our Moms

This Sunday, May 13th, we will be honoring our moms. While praying for a sermon text for this week, I thought about how Mary was called by God to be the mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yes, I know this is not Christmas, but I did find relevance in Luke's account of our Lord's birth.

You see, when I look out at my congregation, and see the wonderful, godly women who have taught, or who are teaching their children about Jesus, I realize that good Christian mothers are all called by God! They may have not received a visit from Gabriel to announce it, but even before this earth was formed, God knew that He would call them to be moms.

When I see mothers who are surrendered to God; who have submitted to His will in raising and teaching their children to honor Him, I know that God called them to be moms.

I am not just talking to mothers who God blessed with children of their own, but I include those special women who willingly accept children who are not biologically theirs, and treat those kids like they are their own.

These are the mothers who sit up way after bedtime to care for a sick child or who sit and wait for that teenager to get home safely after a date. They are the mom who puts off her spa day because the son has a baseball game or the daughter has a soccer game. They are the mom who will pass around the box of chocolates, that the husband gives her for mother's day, to all the kids before she takes one for herself. She is the mom who spends the extra time on her knees, praying for safety, good health, and above all, for salvation for her brood.

Mary, the mother of Jesus was just like any mother in this church. She wanted only the best for her Son. She wanted Him safe, healthy and in God's will.

Mary was a mother called by God, but we know that she was not perfect. Mothers do not have to be perfect to be called by God. In the account of Jesus' first miracle, we can read that Mary kind of forced His hand. Her request seems to be out of line with what Jesus was ready to do at that time. Jesus did perform the miracle of turning water into wine, but I have a feeling it was because His mom put him on the spot.

So it's OK Moms! You have made some mistakes with your kids, and you will make more in the future. Through it all, the same God Who called you, will continue to love you, guide you and work through you so that your task of mothering, grand-mothering and for some, even great-grand-mothering will be accomplished.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Called-by-God mothers, step-mothers, Grandmothers, Great-grandmothers, and those ladies in our churches who take new Christians, people who are estranged from their families and other unfortunate souls under their wings and mother them with love of God

God Bless you all.

Pastor Dave

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